I. Telecommunication Solutions

Site survey, Civil works, Equipment delivery, Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and maintenance services of Wireless and Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, Outside Plants, Optical Fiber Transmission Systems, Microwave Transmission and other telecom projects.

1.1 BTS / RAN / MW site

:- Distributed DBS: Hardware Installation (BBU, RRUs, Antennas, power & fiber system, and Accessories with acceptance.
:- 1+0, 2+0,1+1 MW /Mini Link Hardware installation, alignment and commissioning (0.3m ~ 1.8m Microwave Antenna /Mini Link, IDU/TN, ODU/RAU and Accessories with acceptance.
:- Indoor/Outdoor power cabinet (including ICC cabinet and batteries with battery rack/cabinet); SPD, ACDB installation with acceptance
:- Dismantling of Macro BTS /RBS with Antenna & Feeder, Distributed NodeB with Antenna.

1.2 Optical Fiber cable Installation

:-  Excavation and back filling of trenches
:- Laying HDPE/PVC pipes in trenches, jointing of pipe with water/air tight sockets
:- Laying of warning tape
:- Crossing bridges through attachment or existing bridge ducts
:-  Cable pulling/plowing in the Pipe
:- Jointing of cables
:-   Testing and commissioning
:-  Pouring and installation of Hand holes
:-  Documentation and as built drawings

1.3 Telecom Power system

:- Diesel Generator (with integrated and separate fuel tank)
:- Solar Power (PV) from 3pcs to 120 pcs PV panel and junction box, Battery group (800~3000AH, including rack/cabinet) with acceptance
:- Hybrid power system

1.4 Telecom Tower Erection

Tower assembly and erection of 3 sets 6m Rooftop pole structure, from 30m (3leg) to 75m (4 leg) Greenfield tower, Aviation light installation and commissioning with acceptance.


II. Electromechanical and Power Solutions

2.1 MV/LV Power distribution

Site survey, Civil works, Equipment delivery, Installation, commissioning and maintenance services of MV and LV power distribution networks (pole foundations, erection of poles, Fixing of accessories, stringing of conductors, Transformer installation, clearance, test and commission distribution lines of 33/15-0.4 KV ).

2.2 Street Light projects

Site survey, Planning, Civil works, Equipment delivery, Construction of over head power lines, construction of underground power lines, transformer installation, distribution and control board installation, pole erection, fixture installation, clearance, test and commission.


2.3 Industrial Machinery/Factory/Plant Solutions

Installation, erection, commissioning, preventive & corrective maintenance, system upgrading and renovation services for complete plant/factory systems, equipments, machineries, and other electrical/electro-mechanical systems.

2.4 Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Installation, commissioning and preventive & corrective maintenance services of Ventilation systems (domestic, commercial and industrial), Air Conditioning (split type, window, In-row and central) and other HVAC systems.

Heating,  Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems (HVAC
2.5 Design, Build, Installation and Maintenance

Design, build, installation and maintenance (preventive, corrective, upgrading) of Distribution boards, Interface boards, Control and Automation boards, Protection and Control boards, Switchgears and others electro-mechanical projects/works.

2.6 Power System and Generator sets Solutions

Installation, commissioning and maintenance services of Diesel generating sets, UPS, Voltage regulators, Solar electric system (PV), Solar thermal system, Battery bank and other power systems.

2.7 Safety , Security and Monitoring Systems

Electrical safety and security systems installation and professional services on alarm systems (fire, smoke, security,…), Video camera (CCTV), Fire extinguishers, grounding & lightening protection, stand by & back-up power supplies, emergency lighting, energy saving equipments & materials, power factor correction and other services.

2.8 Building Electrical, Electromechanical and Telecom/Networking Solutions

Installation and maintenance services of Power systems, Lighting, distribution boards, interface boards, security systems, landscape and outdoor lights , TV Networking, Data/Communication systems networking and others for Industrial (Factory), Commercial, Hospital (medical facilities), Hotel, Recreational facilities, Residential and any other Buildings.

2.9 Metal and Steel structure works

Steel structures for buildings, warehouses, factory shades, generator and power house shades, barbed wire and security fences, machine stands/supports and other metal works.